We are the Keepers of the Bees.

Enjoy the purest honey from our little family farm on the south shore of Prince Edward Island.

Raw + Unpasteurized

Healthy Bees for a Happy Planet

Small is Beautiful

Nature’s Sweetest Gift

Nature already has a monopoly on perfection. That’s why we don’t add anything to the honey our bees produce.

It’s pure bliss just the way it is.

We also strive not to remove anything in its journey from hive to jar. Raw and unpasteurized, Canoe Cove Honey is a living food packed with the good stuff.

We’re talking antioxidants, minerals, and enzymes. All packed into a jar of unabashedly sweet nectar.

We’re in it for the Bees

Take care of Mother Nature and she’ll take care of you. It’s just that beautifully simple.

Our raison d’etre is equally simple – we are the keepers of the bees. That’s why our first commitment is to ensuring the 350 colonies in our care are healthy and strong.

And in nature’s symbiotic way, we know that when we take good care of the bees, they will produce the purest honey.

Visit Canoe Cove

We love welcoming visitors to our honey farm on Prince Edward Island’s idyllic south shore.

Book ahead and enjoy a sweet farm tour with Mickael, our passionate and jovial beekeeper. You’ll get to see the fields where our bees play + our coveted honey hives + the fancy machinery we use to extract all that goodness.

Taste honey straight from the hive, learn all about the ancient art of beekeeping, and get a selfie with your giant bee suit on!

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